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What Does Kosher Mean?

Kosher means fit – proper. The term distinguishes all those foods that according to the norms and specifications of the Jewish law are allowed for consumption.

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Steps to obtain Kosher Certification

  • 1. Fill out the application (physical or on the website). Web Form
  • 2. Schedule the appointment in advance to see if the products qualify.
  • 3. Initial visit to the production plant by the committee.
  • 4. Set the fee depending on the type of certification.
  • 5. Draft and study the contract.
  • 6. If the products qualify, certification is granted.
  • 7. Compliance and monitoring of the standards established in the contract.
  • 8. Subsequent visits to the production plant by the committee to verify the process.

What is Kosher Supervision?

Kosher supervision is the audit that is carried out in the production plant of each company by the supervisor of the Kosher certifier to guarantee that the production complies with such required standards and specifications.

What does supervision entail?

Review of the raw material.

Equipment review.

Check for cross-contamination of a non-kosher product.

In some cases, the results of the visits require an exclusive production line for the product that needs kosher certification or the change of a raw material supplier that does not comply with the laws.

Once the audit is completed and the necessary conditions for the product to be kosher have been accepted, a certificate is issued indicating that the company has quality standards.

Supervision does not interrupt the regular process of your production.


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